Language Theatre Contest 2009


The Language Theatre Contest is sponsored by the Language Resource Center to celebrate languages and challenge our language students to practice their developing skills! Performances are judged by two students: a native speaker scores based on language usage and someone with no knowledge of the language who scores based on performance value.

And the Winners Are...

2009 Language Theatre Contest Winners

Judges' Prizes

1st Prize Icon1st Prize:  حلم  مها  يتحقق (Maha's Dream Comes True)


Performed by: Nazeela Nasseri, Amber Atteridge, Sydney Penny, Sarah McKnight, May Yang, Mir Tamanna Ahmed

Synopsis: Maha comes back home with her friends, excited to tell her parents her long‐time boyfriend Khaled has just asked for her hand in marriage! They all celebrate the news together! Written by Anne‐Laure Malauzat, Arabic Language Fellow, featuring
characters inspired from the Al‐Kitab Part I textbook.

2nd Prize Icon2nd Prize: 花木兰故事新编 (The Story of Mulan Hua: A Chinese-American Musical)


Performed by: Megan Chen, Eva Pan, Larissa Jesanis, Songqiao Yao

Synopsis: Mulan Hua is a Chinese‐American boy who cannot speak Mandarin well enough to please his Chinese ancestors. Fortunately, the loveable magic dragon Mushu comes bringing a message of hope. Mulan can study at Mt. Holyoke under Prof. Wang, renowned for her ability to transform even the creamiest of Twinkies into Mandarin speakers. Realizing that this is the only chance for success, Mushu transforms Mulan into a woman. Two months later Mushu returns to find Mulan still struggling. Prof. Wang informs him of his failing grade and calls on the beautiful Wenxuan to help whip Mulan into shape. As they work, Mulan and Wenxuan grow very close. Their attraction culminates in an accidental kiss. Shocked and frightened, Wenxuan runs away and begins to question her sexual identity. In the end, Mulan aces his final and reveals his true identity to Wenxuan. But will they be able to live happily ever after? (With special thanks to Catherine Nguyen for her kind assistance!)

People's Choice

People's Choice Prize IconLe Perroquet (The Dead Parrot Sketch from Monty Python)


Performed by: Pierre-Antoine Tibéri, Kelly Lamberto

Synoposis: A man walks into a pet store with a parrot that he had just purchased earlier in the day. He comes to issue a complaint. The stubbornly unhelpful pet shop owner refuses to admit the parrot is dead and instead insists it is resting. The man wants a replacement, but is only offered a slug.

View/download the 2009 LTC program, including complete performer information and English synopses for all performances.

Announcing the 2009 Language Theatre Contest:

March 5, 2009, 7-10 p.m. Blanchard Great Room

Enjoy dramatic and musical performances in languages from around the world! Vote for your favorites to determine the winners in the musical category.

Volunteers needed!  Serve as a judge, a language mentor or a performance mentor.  Contact the LRC to get involved.

Important Dates for Contestants:

  • Applications due: Feb. 19 - submit to LRC in person or email lrc@...
  • The big night: Thurs. March 5 (performance starts 7:30 p.m., contestants arrive by 7:00 p.m.)

More Info:


$100 Gift Certificate from Food 101 (For 1st Prize)

$25 Gift Certificate from The Thirsty Mind (For 2nd Prize)

The Language Resource Center would like to thank the volunteer judges and contest participants, language faculty and staff, Student Programs Office and stage crew, Food 101 and the Thirsty Mind Coffeeshop in the Village Commons, and the Project Theatre Board, without whom this contest would not have been possible!

Photo of Zum Lügen ist es nie zu spät (It’s never too late to lie)
Photo of 花木兰故事新编 (The Story of Mulan Hua: A Chinese‐American Musical)
Photo of Le future (The Future)
Photo of El Diario de mi Tío (que descanse en paz) (The Diary of my Uncle [may he rest in peace])
Photo of À la claire fontaine (At the Clear Fountain)
Photo of حلم مها يتحقق (Maha's Dream Comes True)
Photo of Con Queso (With Cheese)
Photo of صديقات في لبنان (Friends in Lebanon)
Photo of Le Perroquet (The Dead Parrot Sketch from Monty Python)
Photo of Zimbabwe yedu (Our Zimbabwe)
Photo of 静寂が生える (Silence Grows)
Photo of People's Choice Award
Photo of 2nd Prize
Photo of 1st Prize