2010 Language Theatre Contest

And the Winners Are...

2010 Language Theatre Contest Winners

Dramatic Category

1st Prize Icon1st Prize: ألخنازير الثلاثة الصغيرة (The Three Little Pigs)
Performed by Molly Cox, Liana Simonds, Carol Stil, Ebie Kane, Rahel Lippert, Danielle Kerem, Libby Wassmann

2nd Prize Icon2nd Prize: Los Amantes de Teruel (The Lovers of Teruel)
Performed by Hadley King, Kaylie Love, Reyna Juan, Maureen Millmore, Chelsea Nave, Merit Shalom, and Katie Silvius

3rd Prize Icon3rd Prize: 狐妖传说—和丽山篇 (Chinese Fox Myth)
Performed by Zhengyun Qi, Qianran Li, Meng Yan, and Tianjiao Zhang

4th Prize Icon4th Prize: “Schau mir in die Augen, Kleines”: Sie werden immer Paris haben (“Here’s Looking At You, Kid”: They Will Always Have Paris)
Performed by Alexandra Hall, Allison Lane, Sissi Lei, Nancy Luo, Helena Reddington, and Raluca Ursu

Musical Category

1st Prize Icon1st Prize: Ah Guarda Sorella (Look, Sister)
Performed by Amanda Bistolfo and Tahanee Aluwihare

2nd Prize Icon2nd Prize: 小手拉大手 /風になる (Small Hands Holding Big Hands / Become Wind)
Performed by Nan Zhu, Xinyun Zhu, Jianxiao Liu

View/download the 2010 LTC program, including complete performer information and English synopses for all performances.

Announcing the 2010 Language Theatre Contest:

March 4, 2010, 8 p.m. Blanchard Great Room

Enjoy dramatic and musical performances in languages from around the world! Vote for your favorites to determine the winners in the musical category.

Volunteers needed!  Serve as a judge, a language mentor or a performance mentor.  Contact the LRC to get involved.

Important Dates for Contestants:

  • Applications due: Mon. Feb. 22 (11 p.m.) - submit to LRC in person or email lrc@...
  • Orientation/info session: Tues. Feb. 23 (6:30 pm at LRC) - optional, but a chance to ask questions and get help with preparing your performance
  • Deadline for final program information, etc.: Fri. Feb. 26 (4:00 p.m.) - submit via email lrc@...
  • Dress rehearsal: Sat. Feb. 27 (6:30 p.m., location TBA) - mandatory for all contestants
  • The big night: Thurs. March 4 (performance starts 8 p.m., contestants arrive by 7:30 p.m.)

More Info:

Prize List:

Dramatic Category - 1st Prize:

  • $35 Gift Card from the College Bookstore
  • 4 drink certificates from Rao's

Dramatic Category - 2nd Prize:

  • $25 Gift Certificate from the Main Moon Restaurant

Dramatic Category - 3rd Prize:

  • Two $10 Gift Certificates from the Odyssey Bookstore

Dramatic Category - 4th Prize:

  • $20 Gift Certificate from Johnny's

Song/Poem Category - 1st Prize:

Song/Poem Category - 2nd Prize:

  • $15 Gift Certificate from the Crazy Moon