Language Theatre Contest

2011 LTC Results!

Congratulations to all of the winners!

  • People's Choice Award: ياسمينة و الجمال الثلاثة (Yasmina and the 3 Camels)
  • Judges' Awards:
    • 1st place: Unerwartete Gäste (Unexpected Guests)
    • 2nd place: おんなのこのおこのみ (A Girl’s Choice)
    • 3rd place: Tuwing Umuulan (When It Rains)
    • 4th place: Les restos du coeur (The Restaurants of the Heart)

Contest Video Highlights!

Photos from the Contest:

A Peek at the Dress Rehearsal: 

Announcing the 2011 Language Theatre Contest

March 3, 2011, 8 p.m. Blanchard Great Room

LTC 2011 Poster

Enjoy dramatic and musical performances in languages from around the world! Vote for your favorites to determine the winners in the musical category.

Volunteers needed! Serve as a judge, a language mentor or a performance mentor.  Contact the LRC to get involved.

The Language Theatre Contest is sponsored by the Language Resource Center to celebrate languages and challenge our language students to practice their developing skills! Performances are judged by two students: a native speaker, who scores based on language usage, and someone with no knowledge of the language, who scores based on performance value.

Important Dates for Contestants:

  • Applications due: Mon Feb. 21 (11 pm) - submit to LRC in person or email lrc@...
  • Information session for applicants (optional): Tue Feb. 15 (4:30-5:30 pm, LRC Lounge) - a chance to ask questions and get help with preparing your performance
  • Deadline for final program information: Fri Feb. 25 (4:00 pm) - submit to LRC in person or email lrc@...
  • Dress rehearsal: Sun Feb. 27 (2:30-5 pm, Blanchard Great Room) - mandatory for all contestants
  • The big night: Thu Mar. 3 (performance starts 8 pm, contestants arrive by 7:30 pm, Blanchard Great Room)

More Info:

Prize List:

Thank you to the following community sponsors who have generously donated prizes for the 2011 LTC:

  • Asian Arts & Culture Program, University of Massachusetts (tickets to performances by Galeet Dardashti and Divahn and the Brooklyn-based funk and Bhangra band, Red Baraat)
  • Food 101 ($50 gift certificate)
  • Johnny's Bar & Grille ($40 gift certificate)
  • Rao's Coffee ($30 gift certificate)
  • Thirsty Mind ($25 gift certificate)
  • Miss Saigon Restaurant ($25 gift certificate)
  • Main Moon Restaurant ($25 gift certificate)
  • Odyssey Book Store ($20 gift certificate)
  • Crazy Moon ($15 gift certificate)
  • Tailgate Picnic ($10 gift certificate)
  • MHC College Campus Store (MHC logo merchandise)

People's Choice Award (determined by audience vote):

  • Two $20 Gift Certificates from Johnny’s
  • $25 Gift Certificate from Thirsty Mind
  • $20 Gift Certificate from Odyssey Bookstore
  • 2 Tickets to: "Red Baraat" from the Asian Arts & Culture Program, University of Massachusetts

Judges' Award - 1st Prize:

  • $50 Gift Certificate from Food 101
  • Four $5 Gift Certificates from Rao’s Cafe
  • 2 Tickets to "Divahn: Jewish Songs of the Middle East" from Asian Arts & Culture Program, University of Massachusetts

Judges' Award - 2nd Prize:

  • $25 Gift Certificate from Main Moon Restaurant
  • $10 Gift Certificate from Tailgate Picnic

Judges' Award - 3rd Prize:

  •  MHC Logo Pen and Notebook from the College Bookstore
  • 2 $5 Gift Certificates from Rao’s Cafe

Judges' Award - 4th Prize:

  • $25 Gift Certificate from Miss Saigon