The LRC is staffed by a full-time director and student consultants, as well as language mentors, who work in the Language Q&A program.

The LRC's student staff are all experienced and successful language learners themselves and thus are ready to encourage and support fellow learners and professors in the challenging process of learning or teaching another language.

Working in the LRC

Student staff help with the daily operations of the LRC where they and develop and use a variety of skills. Working at the LRC gives students the opportunity to learn new technology, software, and other important skills that may be used in their academic studies or future careers. A day at the LRC is never the same: a language consultant fills different roles and has various responsibilities. Among them are troubleshooting problems on Mac and Windows computers, organizing and planning events such as language learning strategy workshops or the annual Language Theater Contest, and mentoring students working on multimedia projects. The LRC offers a dynamic and enriching environment for students to gain new knowledge and professional experience.

After working in the consultant position, student staff may seek promotion to supervisor and administrative fellow positions.

Job openings are always posted online when available. Check JobX to apply for a position at the LRC, or sign up for Job Mail to receive notifications in your email inbox.

LRC Student Job Descriptions

"It was especially enjoyable to work in an environment knowing that everyone shared the same enthusiasm for studying languages." - Connie Ip ‘2013