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LRC Calendar of Events

  • Watch for a paper copy of the LRC Calendar of Events in mailboxes at the start of the semester for professional development and opportunities to connect with colleagues, as well as language study strategy workshops and other events for your students.


  • LRC News: All language department faculty and staff are included on this email list for regular info and announcements pertaining to the LRC and language teaching/learning. If you're not on this email list and would like to be, please contact the LRC.
  • Learner News:

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Social Bookmarking

  • MHC Languages Bookmarks: Looking for online resources? The LRC bookmarks websites using a service called “Diigo.” You can browse or search these bookmarks and/or join our “MHC Languages” group to contribute links.

Social Networking

  • Do you “tweet”? Would you like to be an LRC “fan”? Find the LRC on Twitter (mhc_lrc_db) and Facebook (Mount Holyoke College LRC) as well. From your own Facebook account, you can "like" the LRC page, in order to receive updates about upcoming events and interesting language learning resources.