How The Lynk Works

Rather than follow a prescribed program, students shape their own Lynk experience.

Through rigorous coursework, advising, alumnae mentoring, professional development, experiential learning on and off campus, students are empowered to achieve their immediate goals while being equipped to navigate a lifetime of career opportunities and challenges.

At the Lynk's core are intentional reflection and assessment, tools for discerning students' interests and developing long-term goals. From their first semester to their last, students are challenged to think critically about ideas and events while reflecting upon them intellectually and personally. They work closely with faculty, staff, and peer advisors on honing their ability to assess and translate knowledge.

Likewise, the Lynk facilitates shared experiences such as industry site visits and a wide range of pre-professional and job skills workshops—while also connecting students to thousands of accomplished alumnae who open doors for each other.

Practical applications

Another objective of the Lynk is to help students apply their intellectual flexibility and critical thinking in workplace or community settings. Resources that promote this objective include a funded summer internship or research opportunity, community-based learning, and field and lab research.