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We caught up with some student participants of the 2015 LEAP symposium, who test-drove their classroom learning in a variety of ways through summer internships and research. Mount Holyoke College: where passion gets empowered. And employable.

Alexa Fifield ’16

Major: Politics
Minor: Sociology
Study abroad: London School of Economics
Summer 2015 internship: A legal technology firm in Hong Kong
LEAP 2015 talk: “Hacking It in the Tech World: Working at a Start-up in Asia’s Silicon Valley”
Campus involvement: Western Riding Team, Student Government senator, Club Sports Council representative
Honors thesis: On Reaganomics
Award: Leadership Scholarship

Celine Mudahakana ’17

Major: Sociology
Minor: Development Studies
Summer 2015 internship: Product development and fundraising at Indego Africa’s home office in New York City
LEAP 2015 talk: “Fashion with a Conscience: A Social Non-Profit Enterprise Partnering with Rwandan Cooperatives to Empower Entrepreneurial Women”
Study abroad: Applied to study abroad in Montpellier, France (for fall 2016)
Campus involvement: Mount Holyoke African and Caribbean Students’ Association (MHACASA)
Selected achievements: Started an income-generating project, Weaving for Peace, in her home country of Rwanda; invited to the Clinton Global Initiative University conference, where she participated in their LEAD program; currently enrolled in the Valley Venture Mentors Accelerator Program, Springfield, Massachusetts; awarded a Grinspoon Entrepreneurial Award.

Megan Shadley ’16

Major: Geology
Summer 2015 internship: Conducted independent research for Harvard Forest in Petersham, Massachusetts
LEAP 2015 talk: “Fire History in Southern New England”
Campus involvement: Mount Holyoke Women’s Rugby Football Club
Honors Thesis: “Climate History and Transgression: A Case Study of Ware Pond, MA”

Evelyn Perez Landron ’16

Majors: French and International Relations
Minor: Development Studies
Summer 2015 internships: Girls In Tech Morocco (a non-profit organization) and New Work Lab (a for-profit global start-up company) in Casablanca, Morocco
LEAP 2015 talk: “From Bonjour to مرحبا : My Moroccan Ride”
Study abroad: Montpellier, France (spring 2015)
Campus involvement: Marketing coordinator for The Network, a student-run organization established to provide a sense of community among students outside of the classroom
Award: Mary Vance Young Scholarship

Niina Kitabayashi ’16

Major: Biological Sciences
Summer 2015 internship: Partridge Creek Farm, Upper Peninsula, Michigan (an educational farm providing direct service and outreach to the community)
LEAP 2015 talk: “Farming Social Change”

Hillary Detert ’16

Majors: Biological Sciences and History
Summer 2015 internship: Conducted oral cancer research at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Morgan laboratory
LEAP talk: “Fighting Stigmas with Science: HPV-16 and Oral Cancer Research”
Domestic exchange: Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire (spring 2015)
Campus involvement:

    •  At Mount Holyoke: cross country, Mount Holyoke Emergency Response Team, Operation Smile, Mount Holyoke Pre-Dental Society
    •  At Dartmouth: graduate biological sciences research assistant; marketing intern for 99 Rock WFRD (Dartmouth radio)
Honors thesis:
“An exploration of the interconnected biomechanics of mammalian skull, sinus cavity, and tooth development,” following up on the work of legendary oral anatomist E. L. Du Brul
Selected achievements:
Elaine B. Marieb Science Foundation grant; completed the 2014 Tuck Bridge Business Program at Dartmouth

Jemimah Kamau FP’16

Majors: Politics and French
Summer 2015 research: Conducted research in Kiambu County, Kenya, on educational experiences
LEAP 2015 talk: “Harambee—one classroom, one Kenya”
Campus involvement: Mount Holyoke African and Caribbean Students’ Association (MHACASA); Pre-Law Association; Passport to Leadership
Honors thesis: “Does education, whether formal or informal, and the length of education influence voting among Kenyans?”
Selected award: The Kelly Sottile Community Service Award in recognition of the library she is creating for primary school pupils in Ting’ang’a, Kenya, her home village.

Maria Saraf ’16

Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Politics
Summer 2015 research: Conducted at a clinic in a Rhode Island correctional facility
LEAP 2015 talk: “Don't Puff your Life Away: A Project on Smoking Cessation with Inmates”
Campus Involvement: Vice President for MHC Model United Nations; Project Coordinator for MHC Habitat for Humanity; Peer-Led Undergraduate Mentoring System (PLUMS) mentor in the Department of Biological Sciences
Honors thesis: “Gecko Locomotion” (UMass Amherst lab)

Loie Hasler ’16

Major: Psychology and Education: Teacher Licensure Program
Summer 2015 internship: Elementary English teacher in Nejapa, Nicaragua
LEAP 2015 talk: “My Best Friend is a First Grader”
Study abroad: University of Stirling, Scotland (fall 2013); Royal Holloway University, Egham, England (fall 2014)