Lynk Resources

Integrated advising with faculty, staff, and peer mentors from the first semester to graduation.

First-year seminar program introducing students to the academic and intellectual life of the College.

The Academic Centers at Mount Holyoke empower students to become agents of change.

Living-learning communities fostering higher levels of academic self-confidence and increased involvement.

Study abroad offers a powerful experience to advance your academics and build global competence.

Career Development Center where students learn to map their unique paths to success.

Sophomore Institute conference introducing and building professional career skills.

Universal Application Funding guaranteed for all students for a domestic or international summer internship ($3,000 for domestic; $3,600 for international).

COLL 211 course connecting learning in the world, learning on campus, and taking action.

Learning from Application (LEAP) symposium for students completing summer internships.

Nexus offering eight tracks that enable students to link their liberal arts education with their career goals.

Alumnae networking events connecting the global Mount Holyoke community on campus and off.

Community-Based Learning linking students with communities and combining learning and analysis with action and social change.

Industry and field site visits through Lynk on the Road and Career Development Center trips.

Senior Symposium presentations showcasing intellectual passions, independent projects, and scholarly research.