Facilities and Equipment

Photo of items made using Makerspace equipment


The Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab is located on the first floor of Prospect Hall. The space is open for general use unless scheduled for a class, workshop or other event.

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All of the equipment in the Fimbel Lab is available for student use. Reservations and training are required for some of the equipment. Contact a staff member for help with any of the equipment.

Photo of the 3D printer in the Makerspace

3D Printers

The Fimbel Lab has two 3D printers.  Reservations are required.


Build Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 250 mm or 8 × 8 × 10 in

Uses Simplify3D Software: Simplify3D guide

Cost: 4 cents per gram (Each Spool is 1 kilogram)

Available Materials: PLA (black, white, red, blue, orange, yellow, purple, green, clear)


Build Dimensions: 145 × 145 × 175 mm or 5.7 × 5.7 × 6.9 in

Uses Preform Software: Preform guide

Cost: 15 cents per milliliters for Standard
20 cents per milliliter for Flexible
30 cents per milliliter for Castable
(Each Filament is 1 Liter)

Available Materials: Standard (clear, black, white), Flexible, Castable Resin

Photo of the laser cutter in the Makerspace

Laser Cutter

The Fimbel Lab owns a 60-watt Epilog Fusion Laser Cutter. Designs created in Illustrator can be used to cut or engrave wood, paper and — with special permission — some plastics.

Reservations are required.

Laser Cutter Rules

  • The laser cutter may only be used with an authorized supervisor present.
  • No Plexiglass or any plastics, except with permission.
  • New materials must be approved by Shani before they can be used.
  • Never leave the laser cutter unattended when it is in use.
  • Be at the laser cutter PC at your scheduled time. Your Adobe Illustrator file should be ready to print by your appointment time.
  • If you are running late you have a 10 minute grace period for 30 minute bookings, and a 20 minute grace period for 60 minute bookings. If you are not at the PC in time you will lose your booking.
  • If cutting or engraving will take longer than your reservation time, you may not proceed. It is your responsibility to book enough time for your file to process, and it’s not fair to those who might be waiting for their turn or the authorized supervisor assisting.
  • Clean up after yourself. You must discard or recycle all materials in the proper locations.

Booking the Laser Cutter

  • If you’ve already been trained, use our reservation form to reserve a time.
  • If you need to have training on the laser cutter, please reserve a time between 4 and 6 pm, and book an appointment with Shani Mensing, Fimbel Lab Coordinator and Technical Specialist at the same time.
  • If you would like to book the laser cutter at a different time that what is generally available, you must have a supervisor with you and email Shani Mensing with the desired time and name of supervisor present.
  • If you have any questions or concerns e-mail Shani Mensing.

*Before using the laser cutter please read the manual and see these slides for important operation & safety tips!

Laser cutter MAY ONLY BE USED with an authorized supervisor present. You must get in contact with a authorized supervisor if you would like to use the laser cutter.

* If you would like to book the laser cutter at a different time you must have a supervisor with you and email Shani @ mensi22s with the desired time and name of supervisor present. *
List of supervisors can be found on the Laser cutter info wall by the Laser Cutter.

If you need to have training on the laser cutter please book and appointment during 4-6 and book an appointment with Shani Mensing at the same time.

Photo of a student using the soldering station

Soldering Stations

Two Hakko soldering stations are available for electronics and wire-art needs. These irons maintain a steady 785 degrees, making soldering quick and smooth.

Photo of a student using a sewing machine in the Makerspace

Sewing Machine

The Fimbel Lab has a sewing machine and conductive thread that can be used to make anything from a Halloween costume to a light-up plushie.

Photo of the vacuum former

Vacuum Former

The vacuum former can be used to create plastic shells from solid models, which are useful in creating chocolate molds or robotic carapaces.

Photo of the vinyl cutter in the Makerspace

Vinyl Cutter

The vinyl cutter can be used to make decals, stencils or silk screens from digital art.