Future Maker and Innovation Lab

Photo of a professor working with a student in the Makerspace

No other women’s college, and few other liberal arts colleges have been as effective as Mount Holyoke College in putting an innovation ecosystem at the intersection point of the arts, sciences, humanities and social sciences. Now, Mount Holyoke is poised to take this commitment to maker culture to an impressive new level.

Recognizing the need for imaginative educational models and programs that prepare students for academic and career success, the College is transforming the first floor of Prospect Hall into a spacious, fully-loaded, 8,000-square-foot Maker and Innovation Lab. This project will not only re-imagine and transform former kitchen and dining spaces, it will also add new heft to the College’s traditional strength in the sciences while complementing the remarkable upsurge in interest in computer science and robotics.

The new Maker and Innovation Lab will add new paths for students interested in art, provide a laboratory for entrepreneurship, and further the College’s mission of pushing back against stereotypes that have kept women from pursuing hands-on activities. It will be a space for collaboration, for testing ideas, for incubating resilience among students from all disciplines.

Photo of a group of students working on a project in the Makerspace

About the New Maker and Innovation Lab

Learn how the new facility will exemplify the College’s commitment to providing the tools students need to test their ideas and to bring them to life.
The floor plan of the new Makerspace facilty

Maker and Innovation Lab Floor Plan

See the floor plan and room descriptions for the new Maker and Innovation Lab facility.