Katherine Aidala

Director of the Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab; Professor of Physics

Katherine Aidala employs creative techniques with the atomic force microscope to study a wide range of nanoscale devices and materials, with applications in solar energy, data storage, and biotechnology.  Her work has been supported by grants from the NSF and she received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers in 2010.  Beyond the standard physics curriculum, she teaches Gender in Science and Science in the Media, and regularly gives talks on the under-representation of women in science.

Katherine Aidala


Kris Camp

Design Mentor and Technical Lead

Kris Camp is the Technical Lead and Design Mentor in the Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab. He joined the MHC community in the end of 2018 as part of the makerspace expansion and move to the newly renovated Prospect location. With a background in Product Design, Architectural Design, Custom Millwork and more, Camp has a broad range of knowledge and skill sets that assist him in helping the Fimbel Lab community develop, explore and refine projects of all sorts. Camp supervises and trains users of the Fimbel Lab and helps to maintain a safe and well functioning facility.

Photo of Kris Camp

Shani Mensing

Design Mentor and Technical Specialist

Shani Mensing is the Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab Coordinator and Technical Specialist and co-founder of iDesign Studios Course. She works to assist the MHC community in academic collaboration with the Makerspace as well as across disciplines. Mensing oversees activities, training, and workshops in the Fimbel Lab as well as maintaining and educating the community on the equipment housed in the Lab. She also supervises and trains Fimbel Lab student staff, on an ongoing basis, to assist in building interest and projects in the Lab.  Book an appointment.

Photo of Shani Mensing

Luke Jaeger

Technical Project Administrator

Luke Jaeger is the computer science department systems administrator. He also brings an eclectic studio art background to the MHC makerspace, where he helps students and staff with physical fabrication and 3D printing. On any given day he is equally likely to be operating a computer keyboard, soldering iron, table saw, or laser cutter. Luke's drawings, paintings, and small sculptures have been exhibited in Boston and New York; his animated films have been shown in festivals and theaters worldwide. He also plays in a guitar orchestra and a funk / soul band.

Luke Jaeger

Affiliated Faculty

Thomas Ciufo

Assistant Professor of Music, Project Manager of Arts & Technology

Thomas Ciufo is a sound artist, composer, improviser, and music technologist working at the intersections of electronic music, electroacoustic performance, sonic art and emerging digital technologies. Additional research and teaching interests include audio recording and production, acoustic ecology, and innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and career development. As a faculty innovation hire in digital music and music entrepreneurship, Thomas is developing new courses and facilities to support student explorations in creative music technology. He is also a faculty affiliate in the Makerspace.  

Thomas Ciufo, Assistant Professor of Music

Naomi Darling

Five College Assistant Professor of Sustainable Architecture

Naomi Darling teaches design studio courses with a sustainable lens at Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Naomi is a principal at Naomi Darling Architecture, LLC, a full-service architectural practice based in Amherst, Massachusetts, and New Haven, Connecticut. The firm aims to produce socially responsible and environmentally conscious projects at all scales in terms of size, time and permanence, with a special consideration of site and place. Current projects include a park in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, several residential projects, and Nitobe Memorial Hall, a museum, library and community center in Sapporo, Japan.

Professor Darling in front of snowy trees

Rick Feldman

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Organizations and Society; Entrepreneurship Coordinator

Following a blended career of business, social action and academia, Rick Feldman continues to span and integrate the arenas of industry and regional economics, start-up and social enterprise entrepreneurship, education, and policy development in local and global arenas. His current focus is on all aspects of entrepreneurship and social enterprise development, and his current course offerings reflect this range and integration, by focusing on global and local challenges from which opportunities for solutions can emerge through innovation and entrepreneurial leadership.

Rick Feldman Visiting Lecturer, Entrepreneurship, Organizations, and Society

Peter Klemperer

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Peter F. Klemperer is interested in all aspects of computer security, with an emphasis on virtualized systems and usability. He studies how virtualization can provide an isolated high ground position for malware detection in operating systems and processes. Klemperer’s research relates his experiences in high-performance computing and hardware-co-computation to the field of Robotics.

Peter Klemperer

Audrey St. John

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Motivated by computational challenges arising in robotics, biology and computer aided design, Audrey St. John’s research focuses on building theoretical foundations and developing efficient algorithms for geometric problems. She has received a Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award from the National Science Foundation to support her work on autonomous multi-robot formations. St. John also works on activities to broaden participation in computer science and STEM, including creating low-risk hardware experiences through the makerspace and helping to develop MaGE, an inclusive academic peer mentorship program (funded by Google’s CS Capacity program).

Audrey St. John