Academic Coursework

Classes including iDesign Studio and Introduction to Robotics are held entirely in the Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab.

The Fimbel Lab team teaches or supports activities as part of regular courses. They taught a Drone Rover lesson for an American Foreign Policy class, had students work with robots in The Future of Jobs, introduced the laser cutter and 3D printer to an entrepreneurship class and helped the sculpture students create using the laser cutter.  Architecture courses regularly use the laser cutter and resources.

Collaborations are facilitated between courses such as robotics and a sculpture course in Studio Art to create interactive sculptures.

Have a final project for your class that needs a 3D printed or laser cut model? Make an appointment to find out what’s possible.

We encourage applications from students for funding and support of independent study projects receiving academic credit.

Beyond the Classroom

  • Regularly held workshops are open to all (faculty, staff, and students) in the MHC community
  • Collaboration with department and organizations
  • Workshops tailored for student organizations

Have an idea that you want to turn into reality? Whether for yourself or a friend, to learn or to relax, or for whatever motivation, drop by to find out more!

Working with the Community

Working with students beyond MHC is one of the core values of the Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab, especially when it comes to sparking interest among underrepresented groups in engineering and science. The Fimbel Lab team can offer iDesign-style workshops or curricular support to meet the needs of any organization.

Schools and organizations are invited to bring students campus, borrow supplies and services, or request undergraduates to go on location.

While the team is presently limited in time and funding to pursue these opportunities, they welcome conversations as they build capacity and determine what is most useful to collaborators.

A group of students working at a whiteboard in the Fimbel Lab

Academic Coursework

The Makerspace staff and equipment supports a wide range of classes in specific areas of study.
Photo of students taking part in a bicycle repair workshop


Makerspace staff and student workers regularly hold workshops from bike repair to Halloween costumes that are open to all students, faculty and staff.
Photo of a group of students who took part in the Girls in Tech conference

Community Outreach

A crucial part of the Makerspace mission is working with students beyond the College, especially those from underrepresented groups.