2006 Employee Service Awards

Posted: February 13, 2007

Each year Mount Holyoke recognizes the dedication and achievements of its employees through the Employee Service Awards Program. This year, employees with five, ten, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 40 years of service to the College were honored at a breakfast in Willits-Hallowell Center February 9.

Special recognition went to Charles J. Lydon, who has been employed at the College for 40 years. Lydon started his career at Mount Holyoke on June 13, 1966. He began as a general laborer, working on the campus grounds. A position became available in the electrical department and, in order to prepare for his electrician's license, Lydon had to work 8,000 hours, the equivalent of four years full-time, as an apprentice. The test was in two parts: written and practical. He passed the written exam but there was a notification mix-up with the practical section. To clear up the matter, the state inspector personally came to South Hadley from Boston and conducted the exam over coffee at Friendly's Restaurant down the road on Route 116. Once he passed the full exam Lydon became a full-fledged electrician and has worked for Mount Holyoke ever since, keeping the College safe and in the light for the past 40 years.

Here is the complete list of honored employees.

Celebrating Five Years of Service
Brenda Archambault, Dining Services
Jeffrey K. Baeder, Public Safety
Kristin Bergbom, Student Programs
John Beynor, Dining Services
Trisha Braman, Dining Services
Joan E. Broderick, Health Center
Karen Carey, Financial Services
Marilyn Cyr, Dining Services
Debra L. Davis, Art Museum
David De Bettencourt, Dining Services
Michael P. Donais, Facilities Management
Michelle M. Ducharme, Communications
Shawn E. Durocher, Physical Education
Jamie Farnum, Dining Services
Amanda N. Florek, Public Safety
John Herr, Dining Services
Karen A. Hunter, Mail Services
Katerina P. King, CDC
Mary Ann Kokoszyna, Admission
Richard Krzanowski, Alumnae Association
Susan J. Lasko, Health Center
Cynthia Lenart, Dining Services
Theresa Leroux, Development
Michael G. Lussier, Facilities Management
Deborah Magni, Dining Services
Tekla A. McInerney, Communications
Rosanne T Meczywor, Financial Services
Suzanne E. Meher, Dining Services
Cynthia L. Neumann, Health Center
Michelle Papineau, Public Safety
Benjamin S. Paul, LITS
Brenda I. Payette, Facilities Management
Ann E. Romberger, Development
Roosmini A. Rose, Financial Services
Mary E. Rousseau, Dining Services
Linda A. Roxo, Dining Services
Marianne Taylor, CDC
Krysia L. Villon, Alumnae Association
Patricia A. Ware, Politics
Stacey Watts, Physical Education
Michelle G. Willette, Admission
David L. Williams, Facilities Management
Linda M. Woods, Financial Services

Celebrating Ten Years of Service
Frances G. Benson, Facilities Management
Rachel D. Cartmell, Development
John W. Darr, Public Safety
William R. Graham, LITS
Charles J. Haight, Development
Bruce S. Helm, Dining Services
Dawn M. Jock, Equestrian Center
Frederick D. Kass, LITS
Maureen E. Millea, Health Center
Linda S. Niemczura, Financial Services
Emily B. Weir, Alumnae Association

Celebrating 15 Years of Service
John M. Body, Dean of the College
Marc L. Boucher, LITS
Joy W. Collins, Equestrian Center
Rozelynn E. Douglas, LITS
Anne M. Drury, LITS Elisabeth G. Hogan, Dean of Students
Jill B. Lester, Summermath
Jonathan B. Nelson, Facilities Management
Nancy J. Pelis, LITS
Gary L. Shaw, Facilities Management
Imad Zubi, Willits-Hallowell

Celebrating 20 Years of Service
Janice M. Albano, Finanical Services
Charles D. Bayer, Facilities Management
Rochelle Calhoun, Alumnae Association
Fatoumata Gadjigo, McCullogh Center
Gail Glanville, Art
Joni Haas Zubi, Alumnae Association
Margaret Hoschtetler, Financial Services
Mark E. Macgregor, Facilities Management
Charlene Morrow, Summermath
James Morrow, Summermath
James M. Moynihan, Facilities Management
Mollie O'Grady, Alumnae Association
Cynthia M. Popp, Willits-Hallowell
Carol Ann Prior, Environmental Health and Safety
Frank Scheinost, Facilities Management
Kevin D. Slate, LITS Douglas Vanderpoel, Cable/Card/Telephone
Amy M. Wehle, Development

Celebrating 25 Years of Service
Karol Cooper, Development
Robert Labonte Jr., Facilities Management
Gary J. Laverdiere, Facilities Management
William R. Scribner, Facilities Management
Launa M. Stathis, CDC

Celebrating 30 Years of Service
Richard J. Bigelow, Facilities Management
Carolyn Dietel, Frances Perkins
Helene L. Jenkins, Facilities Management
Debra L. Morrissey, LITS
Katherine O'Connor, Facilities Management

Celebrating 40 Years of Service
Charles J. Lydon, Facilities Management