Reactions to Kamala Harris’ nomination

Mount Holyoke Associate Professor Riché J. Daniel Barnes talks to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Sen. Kamala Harris’ historic nomination for vice president.

By Christian Feuerstein

In August 2020, Senator Kamala Harris became the first Black and South-Asian woman to be nominated for vice president on a major party ticket. 

This historic nomination is explored by columnist Gracie Bond Staples in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Staples spoke with Riché J. Daniel Barnes, chair of gender studies at Mount Holyoke College, who approaches the moment with hope but also trepidation. 

“We know from much of our research on the cultural divides in this country that less well-educated whites tend to be more concentrated in Southern states and have the most vitriol for Black and other ethnic groups,” Barnes said. “That Kamala Harris is a woman, a biracial Black and South Asian woman, and the daughter of immigrants, who has seemingly prioritized her career over motherhood means that she ticks all of the boxes that this large group of the white electorate tends to disdain, especially in favor of Trump/Pence.”   

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