Katherine Aidala named 2020 APS Fellow

Mount Holyoke professor Katherine Aidala was nominated to be an APS fellow for her research and her dedication to mentorship and science communication.

By Keely Sexton

Katherine Aidala, professor of physics, has been elected a 2020 fellow of the American Physical Society, after being recommended by the Division of Condensed Matter Physics. 

APS fellowship is a distinct honor signifying recognition by one’s professional peers for outstanding contributions to physics. 

“It feels like a significant rite of passage, recognizing all the hard work I’ve put into my career as a physicist,” said Aidala, who is also director of the Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab. Her citation includes both her scientific contributions as well as her efforts in mentoring and bringing science to the public. 

“This citation captures the spirit of the Mount Holyoke physics department well,” she said. “We each engage in meaningful research and also some aspects of how physics applies to broader issues in society. I love being at a school where I can have a meaningful impact mentoring students. Our department works hard to change the face of physics, where so many groups, including women, continue to be severely underrepresented.” 

Each year, fewer than 200 of the American Physical Society’s 50,000 members are recognized by this honor, and women are underrepresented among this select group.

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