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FP student Diane Rainson '00 is MHC's entrant in this year's Glascock Intercollegiate Poetry Competition, which begins Friday at Gamble Auditorium at 8pm.
April 9, 2000 - 23:59
Massachusetts-based bongo-rockers Guster appear with Luna and Josh Rouse at Chapin Auditorium on Friday at 8pm.
April 7, 2000 - 23:59
Explore gender equity at work with "Equality In The Workplace? Insiders Report from The Field," a Weissman Center panel discussion April 12 at 7:30pm at Gamble Auditorium.
April 6, 2000 - 23:59
The spring edition of Vista brings you all the news about MHC in the news. Check it out.
April 1, 2000 (All day)
A panel of foreign policy experts discusses "U.S. Intervention Abroad: Wanted and Unwanted Consequences" on Thursday, April 6 at Gamble Auditorium.
March 31, 2000 - 23:59
Come see what the Class of 1900 left in its time capsule at the Amphitheater on March 31 at 7pm. You can also read the letter that a Class of '00 rep wrote to her future sisters.
March 25, 2000 - 22:59
A "mini cultural show" by the Yale UNITY Drummers kicks off-Asian-American Awareness Month tonight at Blanchard at 7pm.
March 24, 2000 - 22:59
Join the Mount Holyoke Baroque Ensemble in Abbey Chapel for a lunchtime concert to commemmorate the 250th anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach's death.
March 21, 2000 - 22:59
So log off and go play, already....
March 21, 2000 - 22:59
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. describes "Our Environmental Destiny" in a speech for the Center for Environmental Literacy at Chapin Auditorium on March 24.
March 18, 2000 - 22:59
Get a breath of fresh air and take in Talcott Greenhouse's annual spring flower show, "A Walk On The Wild Side," through March 19.
March 13, 2000 - 22:59
Check out the schedule of events for Asian-American Awareness Month here.
March 12, 2000 - 22:59
Travel the world, sing a song, and find the magic in poetry in the new edition of MHC's thrice-yearly feature publication.
February 24, 2000 - 22:59
Congressman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) will go over the current peace situation in Northern Ireland in a discussion Monday, February 28 at Gamble Auditorium.
February 22, 2000 - 22:59
Davidson College professor Jonathan Berkey honors his father, MHC religion professor emeritus Robert Berkey, during ##"Cosmos, History and a Medieval Muslim Preacher"## on February 17 at 4pm in Mary Woolley Hall.
February 16, 2000 (All day)
An exciting "millennial" conference will be held at MHC on February 18-19 in Gamble Auditorium, sponsored by the Economics department. A group of eight outstanding economists will discuss this important subject from a variety of perspectives.
February 13, 2000 - 22:59


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