Alums Give Monopoly Game an MHC Twist

Next time it’s games night at your house, don’t settle for buying and selling Park Place or Marvin Gardens and hoping for a “Get out of jail free” card. A group of 2004 alumnae has given the classic Monopoly game an MHC twist and created Mount Holyoke-Opoly.

Now you can amass piles of cash—with Mary Lyon’s picture on each bill—by buying and selling hot properties including Wilder or Buckland Hall, speculating on “utilities” Upper and Lower Lake, and using game-play cards about favorite College traditions.

For example, one card reads: “You get a C+ on your mid-term. Go directly to the Library. Do not pass the College Gates. Do not collect $200.” Another instructs players to “Place $20 in center of the board for laundry machines.” You never know whether luck will send you a card reading “It’s snowing in South Hadley! You stay inside and lose a turn” or one saying “You have a great Big Sister. Roll again.”

Even the game tokens evoke MHC memories; players can choose from place markers shaped like a laptop computer, commencement mortarboard, bicycle, alarm clock, teapot, and palm trees (evoking those on the College seal).

Mount Holyoke-Opoly gives players a chance to act like real estate tycoons while basking in MHC memories from elfing to Strawberries and Champagne.

“Our goals in creating this game are to bring enjoyment to the Mount Holyoke community, contribute to the College’s positive image, and to raise funds for our class,” says Kristina Pueschel Smith ’04, who crafted the game along with the 2004 class president and treasurer.

Each game set—including a board, five tokens, “years of credit,” “diplomas,” “campus mail” and “tradition” cards, property deeds, play money, and dice—sells for $35