Amelia Harris '07 Wins Digital Imaging Award

Posted: December 8, 2006

Amelia Harris '07 received honorable mention in the 2006 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition. Harris' image, titled "Squid embryos near hatching, in egg jelly," was selected from 1,250 entries from 52 countries.

"I was incredibly excited to get an honorable mention, especially from such a prestigious photo company and with so many other entries submitted," Harris said.

She took the image in the biology course Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Development, taught by Rachel Fink, professor of biological sciences.

"The intersection between science and art is never more apparent than when looking through the microscope at living cells. Encouraging students to capture the beauty of what they see is one of the best parts of being a biology professor!" Fink said. Twelve students in her class submitted photographs to the Olympus competition.

"From the first lab this semester, Amelia has been enthusiastic about documenting her results, and she has spent hours after class trying to get just the right image of a sea urchin embryo twirling through polarized light, or aggregating slime mold cells."

Harris' winning image is of a squid embryo in a jelly sac. She explained that squids lay their eggs in long strings of jelly sacs, called a finger, and the photo was taken when the embryos were very near finished developing and most likely going to hatch, which they later did.

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