Art imitates life in new film about women on Wall Street.

Investment banker Barbara Byrne—a 1976 Mount Holyoke College graduate and current trustee—has put her money where her career is.

American Banker reports that Byrne has helped to finance the upcoming independent film, Equity. Described as the first film to focus on Wall Street’s women, its central character is “a female investment banker who’s taking a technology company public.”

The protagonist—played by Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn—is not modeled on Byrne, the article noted.

“‘The character is a different kind of woman than I am,’ Byrne says, noting that she raised a family during her banking career, while the film’s character is single with no kids.”

Byrne, vice chairman of investment banking at Barclays, is number three on the 2015 “most powerful women in finance” list, according to American Banker. The article said that Byrne was drawn to Equity “because it is by women and about women.”

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