Professor of art's work is recognized

As a high school exchange student from Sapporo, Japan, Rie Hachiyanagi, a professor of art studio and Asian studies at Mount Holyoke College, had difficulty communicating with her new community in Kansas. So she began to sketch in order to express herself. If she needed a dress or shoes, she would draw them. Inspired by this experience, on her 18th birthday, she decided to become an artist.

Now known for her handmade paper works, Hachiyanagi was featured on the autumn 2016 cover of World Sculpture News, a leading international journal of art.

The feature hailed Hachiyanagi’s art works, noting that they “speak sensitively to quotidian problems and the desire to bridge old and new, the traditional and the innovative.”

Having her work featured in an international magazine has been a dream of hers, Hachiyanagi said. “It was a nice surprise that it came true with the cover,” she said.