Awards Given to Outstanding Students

At the annual student awards ceremony on April 15, the College recognized 36 students whose leadership and service have enriched life at Mount Holyoke. Two alumnae were also honored at the event.

Here are the students honored at this year’s Celebration of Excellence, along with information about their awards.

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Sarah Williston Prize Winners

To the students with the highest grades in their class who ranked as Sarah Williston Scholars in their sophomore year. (* recognized in junior and sophomore years)

Aichurok Kamalova ‘14*, Marlena Sullivan ‘14*, Judy Qiu ‘14*, Emma Styles-Swaim ‘14*, Mina Khan ’15, Hannah Leffingwell ’15, Yuqian Peng ’15, Zoe Payne-Taylor ’15, Mackenzie Libbey ’15, Schuyler Cowan ‘15        

Phi Beta Kappa

The following students have been elected into membership of Phi Beta Kappa by the Theta Chapter of Massachusetts in recognition of their outstanding academic achievement based on at least five semesters of study.

Cynthia Chai ’14, Samantha Doolittle ’14, Sarah Dunalewicz ’14, Aichurok Kamalova ’14, Jeylan Mammadova ’14, Caledonia Moore ’14, Lien Nguyen ’14, Giulia Notarangelo ’14, Judy Qiu ’14, Emma Styles-Swaim ’14, Ami Terachi ’14, Rebecca Tishler ‘14

Newman Civic Fellow

The Newman Civic Fellow Award honors student leaders committed to creating lasting change. It is made in honor of Dr. Frank Newman, one of Campus Compact’s founders, who was a tireless advocate for the role of higher education in preparing students for active and engaged citizenship.

Michaella Coughlin ‘16

The Weissman Center for Leadership Award for Excellence

For students who have demonstrated excellence in leadership across campus with a particular commitment to Weissman Center for Leadership activities and events

Sarah Charbonneau '14, Sharon Looney-Armstrong FP’15, Julia Sadowski '14

Global Engagement Award

This award recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to raising awareness critical global issues and beyond.

Anita Haidary ’14, Uzma Hussein ’14, Michaella Coughlin ‘16

The Kelly Sottile Community Service Award

This award honors students who demonstrate a high level of personal commitment to the community beyond the campus.

Alison Safran ’14, Caledonia Moore ’14

The Mary Lyon Award

The Mary Lyon Award is given to a young alumna who has been out of the College 15 years or less, who demonstrates promise or sustained achievement in her life, profession, or community consistent with the humane values that Mary Lyon exemplified in her life and inspired in others.

Emily Usher Shrair '08, Lisa Ross Nonken ‘03

The Frances H. Williams Award

Established by the family of Frances H. Williams ’19 in 1981, this award is presented to a student who passionately pursues her goal of academic excellence, social justice, or service to others.

Fernanda Matos de Oliveira ‘15

H. Elizabeth Braun Catalyst for Change Award

The Braun award was established by the Dean of Students division in 2010 to recognize leaders who have done extraordinary work creating a diverse and inclusive community.

Quanita Hailey FP’14, Lily Corman Penzel ‘15

The Maurice L. Rabbino Award

This award was established in 1978 by Irma L. Rabbino ’53 to honor her father by recognizing a student who has made a significant contribution to the life of Mount Holyoke College.

Tatum Lindsay ‘14

The Helen Warren Smith Award

Established in 1979 by Helen Warren Smith ’08, this award honors a student whose interest, involvement, and service to the Mount Holyoke College community have been outstanding.

Jenna Caputo ‘14

Recognition of Student Leaders

These are students whose leadership and service have enriched the life of the College and the wider community.

Lily Corman Penzel ’15, Samantha Doolittle ’14, Olivia N. Jones ’14, Jessica Morris ’15  

The Karen Snyder Sullivan Memorial Travel Award

This award provides assistance for a student who has not previously traveled abroad to plan a trip that satisfies her curiosity and heightens her awareness of other cultures.

Cortney D. Creswick ‘15