Blaetz and Margolis write about Joan of Arc

Two MHC professors have contributed to a new CD-book about Joan of Arc, part of the celebration of the 600th anniversary of her birth.

Robin Blaetz, professor of film studies, and Nadia Margolis, visiting professor of French and medieval studies, are among eight scholars from France, Spain, and the United States who wrote essays for the publication, titled Joan of Arc: Battles and Prisons—the Epic Tale of a Visionary.

The two-part CD was recorded by La Capella Reial de Catalunya and Hesperion XXI under the direction of Jordi Savall, world-renowned Spanish performer and conductor. To enrich appreciation of the 15th-century-style music and of the heroine herself, the book’s essays present key aspects of Joan’s life and significance through the ages. Blaetz’s essay treats Joan of Arc in film, while Margolis surveys Joan’s evolution as French right-wing political icon.