Body Image Expert on Campus February 26

Posted: February 6, 2008

To address issues of positive body image and eating disorder awareness, the Five College Eating Disorders Awareness Committee is cosponsoring a talk by Rosie Molinary, author of Hijas Americana: Beauty, Body Image, and Growing Up Latina, Tuesday February 26, at 7:30 pm in MHC's Hooker Auditorium. Molinary will sign books after the talk.

Molinary's presentation is titled "10 Things That Will Make You Think, Speak, and Act." She will discuss observations from her book, including statistics and occurrences of eating disorders among Latinas, the impact of sex education on the sexuality of young Latinas, the influence Hollywood has on one's beauty perception and body image, and the impact of marketing tactics on one's self-perception.

On Wednesday, February 27, at 7 pm, Molinary will speak at UMass in the Malcolm X Cultural Center and then at 9 pm at Amherst College's Fayerweather Room 115. Her talk that evening is titled "Smashing the Beauty Box Every Day." She will discuss how we perpetuate noninclusive body and beauty ideals that limit our possibilities. She will also speak to how women of all colors, sizes, and ethnicities need to confront the boxes they are placed in by themselves and others and create worldviews that are expansive and empowering. This frank discussion will help women escape the stranglehold of beauty so that they can concentrate their energies on using their skills and experiences to improve their world.

The Five College Eating Disorders Awareness Committee, which includes representatives from multiple disciplines on each campus (therapists, nutritionists, health educators, nurse practitioners, and athletic trainers) has a long history of collaboration. The committee has been meeting for the past 12 years, with the overall goal of providing information and support in addressing eating concerns of college students in the Five College area.

All three of Molinary's talks are free and open to the public and are cosponsored and funded by the following organizations:

Five Colleges, Inc.

University of Massachusetts/Amherst: Bilingual Collegiate Program, Everywoman's Center Counseling Service, Josephine White Eagle Cultural Center, Malcolm X
Cultural Center, University Health Services/Health Education
Women of Color Leadership Network

Mount Holyoke College: The Purington Fund, College Health Services, La Unidad

Amherst College: Health Education, La Causa, Asian Students Association

For more information, contact Karen Jacobus, coordinator of health education, at 413-538-2466 or

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