Carolyn Strobel '09 Feels Write at Home in Dublin

Posted: November 10, 2008

While in Ireland, Carolyn Strobel '09 had the pleasure of working with James Joyce. This may be hard to believe considering the fact that he died in 1941, but Strobel's summer internship at Lilliput Press in Dublin allowed her to work with many esteemed Irish writers both living and deceased. The independent publishing company has some 250 titles under its imprint, including literary and nonfiction works of first-time authors and reprints of old classics. The experience gave Strobel--a writer herself--a new outlook on the publishing process.

"I like to take a book from the first manuscript and see it through to its final stages," she said. "It's very inspirational."

Because of the company's small size, Strobel wore many hats. She did administrative work and copy editing, read submitted manuscripts, witnessed the process of indexing a book, and even wrote the dreaded rejection letters.

Strobel was no stranger to life in Dublin. She met her boyfriend on her first trip to Ireland during her sophomore year and has since returned several times. The history and French major has also studied abroad in England, France, and India--and knew she wanted to remain in Europe. As a peer career advisor for the Career Development Center, she knows the ins and outs of internships and studying abroad, so she applied to the center for funding to help with travel and food expenses while she was in Dublin.

"I love Dublin because it's a small, compact city with a really cosmopolitan feel," she said. "There's always something to do. One of my favorite things is eating out because there are so many amazing restaurants with so many different types of food."

As the European Union headquarters for companies such as IBM, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, and Facebook, Dublin also offers many career opportunities. Strobel now plans to move there after graduation to work in publishing or corporate communications.

"Every student should do an internship," she said. "It helps you know if you want to go into that industry, and the skills transfer no matter what field you go into."

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