Centennial Celebration:Annual Flower Show Celebrates 100th Birthday of Talcott Greenhouse

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The annual spring flower show at Mount Holyoke College will herald more than the advent of Spring this year. On Saturday, March 7 at 11 am the Talcott Greenhouse will open its spring show in the completely renovated 100-year-old facility. The conservatory section, which houses the oldest and largest of the botanic collection, was the final undertaking in the five-year restoration project and will open for the first time since 1993 when it was closed for safety reasons.

In addition to the many floral displays, horticulturist Ellen Shukis and her staff are preparing a 100th anniversary celebration which will take place just before the official opening of the show. Students, faculty and staff will be treated to refreshments and a sneak preview of the colorful flora which fill the greenhouse and provide a veritable spring tonic to so many visitors each year.

Tulips, ranunculi, daffodils and anemones will sparkle among varieties of primroses and other spring favorites gathered into the main greenhouse, which is the locus of the show. The most recently renovated area the conservatory holds the larger tropical specimens such as figs, calabash, palms, and banana plants. Orchids, bamboo, ferns and aquatic plants grace the entrance to this area.

Assisting Ms. Shukis in arranging the show are greenhouse supervisor, Russ Billings, assistant horticulturist, Tom Clark and several Mount Holyoke students. Exhibit hours are 11 am to 4 pm every day from March 7 through March 22. The event is free and open to the public and the show is wheelchair accessible.