College Launches Redesigned Website

It’s no secret the web has gone mobile.

After years of explosive growth, the number of mobile Internet users is expected to eclipse the number of desktop users by mid-2014. Fueled by the increasing accessibility of Internet-capable mobile devices and improvements in 3G and 4G data networks, the number of mobile Internet users will, by 2017, account for 90 percent of all Internet users.

It’s happening all over the world. And it’s happening on

On the College’s own website, the number of external visitors coming to the homepage from mobile devices has virtually doubled in the last two years. So in an effort to meet web users where they are, Mount Holyoke is “going responsive.”

On June 12, the College unveiled a redesigned website that will allow content to adapt to the screen on which it is being viewed, whether it’s as small as an iPhone or as wide as an HDTV.

Incorporating a ‘mobile-first’ approach

Mount Holyoke’s Office of Communications began the web redesign process in June 2013 with a visual design exercise intended to create a web presence that strongly reflected the College’s new “never fear / change” brand campaign.

While the design was mostly visual in nature—incorporating the new colors, fonts, and images that communicate Mount Holyoke’s identity as a change-making institution—the College undertook this web redesign effort with the strong understanding that the website would need to be mobile-friendly.

To that end, the design was guided by as much adherence as possible to “mobile-first” principles.

This milestone marks a significant shift in Mount Holyoke’s approach to web publishing, and it is indicative of the College’s embrace of its own brand message: that the world is changing, and that we are prepared to meet it head on.