A community leaves its mark

By Keely Savoie

Hundreds of Mount Holyoke students, faculty, alumnae and staff left their permanent mark on two steel beams that will be installed in the Beacon Room of the new community center, at the highest point of the building.

One of the central inscriptions to be preserved for the ages: A big, bold, blue “Go Lyons!” in the middle of one beam.

Community members inscribed college club and organization names, class years and inside jokes in Sharpie marker, all over the tops, bottoms, even the insides, of two 225-pound beams.

“It’s a chance, especially for seniors, to feel a part of the new campus center by leaving our mark,” said Libby Corvin ’17.

Heaven Hodge ’18 signed her name along with APAU — the Association of Pan-African Unity — as a way to memorialize her time at Mount Holyoke. “I will always be a part of this school, just as it will always be a part of me,” she said.

Craig Woodard, chair of the biology department, and Christianna Smith, professor of biology, found some space to squeeze in their signatures in the signing’s closing hours.

“My name could live on that beam for hundreds of years,” he said. “It shows that I am part of the community and I am excited about this new building.”

Barbara Baumann ’77, chair of the college’s board of trustees, signed the name of board vice chair Mindy Lewis ’75, P’05, who was unable to attend the recent board meeting.

Baumann also signed the names of her grandmother, Margaret Cant McClearn, and her great aunt, Helen Cant, both class of 1915.

“How great is it to sign the beam that will live in the highest place in the community center in honor of two students from 102 years ago?” she said.

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