Convocation 2007

Convocation Address
Russell Boudreau
Staff Council Cochair
September 5, 2007

Good morning President Creighton, students, staff, and faculty. And welcome aboard the entering class of 2011, welcome back 2010 and 2009, and a special welcome to the returning women of the class of 2008. Let me say that again. 2008! I can say that seeing you return to campus is rejuvenating. You bring with you the enthusiasm and the energy that make this college special.

This is my thirty-third convocation. My very first, I was one of the folks who put the boxes of Sit-Upons at the back, by the colonnade. It only took me 32 years to make my way to the stage. Watch out President Creighton, if I can manage another 32 years I may be in line for an office in Mary Lyon. If longevity in a job is an indication of commitment, I guess I'm committed. But I'm not alone. There are many staff with more years here than I and there are many with fewer, and longevity is not the only indicator of commitment. From your introduction to Mount Holyoke through the admission office to your continued connection to the College via the alumnae office, and all the staff and departments in between, we all welcome you, we all expect to contribute to your success here, and we are all committed to making this place the best it can be.

Summers here are very busy for everyone; we've worked on budgets and payrolls and, um, even tuitions. We've assigned classrooms and student rooms, we've organized class schedules, we've dug up and backfilled umpteen acres of the campus, we've met prospective students, and we've done a million other things. All this as we've tried to make ready for your return and the start of a new academic year.

Now we turn our attention to making your school year as productive as possible. Throughout the course of this year I expect that you will have many opportunities to interact with staff from various offices or departments. I also expect that those encounters will be positive, that you will find ample assistance for your needs, and if you are receptive you will enjoy a special contribution to your education outside the classroom--the experience of meeting and sharing with the staff of Mount Holyoke who truly do care about your time here and work diligently toward that end. The folks I work with, the folks you'll deal with have much to offer, and I encourage you to partake of this opportunity.

As this academic year unfolds I hope that you enjoy each and every special opportunity that Mount Holyoke has to offer. Speaking on behalf of Staff Council and all my fellow staff members, let's have a great year. Thank you.

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