Convocation 2012: Bardee Sadlier

Bardee Sadlier, Staff Council cochair

Hello Mount Holyoke College! My name is Bardee Sadlier. I work over at the Kendall Sports and Dance Complex and am one of the cochairs on Staff Council. I have the honor and privilege to welcome you on behalf of the Mount Holyoke staff.

Time is a funny thin—most athletes know this. When there are ten seconds left on the clock, and you are losing a close game, the ten seconds seem to fly by. And when you are winning the game, they are the slowest ten seconds of your life. The same will be for your time here at Mount Holyoke. First-years—class of 2016—right now you are thinking, “Whoa. Four years. That is a long time!” Seniors—class of 2013—you are thinking, “Whoa. Where did those past three years go?!” Time is a funny thing.

What I can say to you is, do your best to make the most of your time here at Mount Holyoke. Go to a dance concert, take that class you have always wanted to take, cheer on the Lyons at an athletics contest , and take time to appreciate your surroundings and notice the hard work that staff do day in and day out—especially behind the scenes. Staff are out early in the morning making meals and cleaning buildings. Staff members are also out late at night patrolling the campus or clearing the snow to keep you safe. Need help with your computer or finding a rare document? There are staff ready to help you! Need help understanding your new iPhone? Oh, wait, students helped ME with that…B ut anyway, the staff community, and I do mean “community,” as I have never known a tighter-knit, harder-working group of people, is here to help you through your years at Mount Holyoke.

You are all touched by the work of behind-the-scenes staff members every day from the time you step on campus (and sometimes before) to the time you graduate (and even after). There have been staff, in one way or another, helping students throughout the College’s 175 history, working to make Mount Holyoke students the successful people they are and working to make Mount Holyoke College the special place that it is. And when you come back, years from now, to visit as an alumna, you will notice that even though Mount Holyoke might have gone through some changes, it is a timeless, beautiful place. Time is a funny thing.

On behalf of the Staff Council and the staff here at Mount Holyoke College, I am happy to say welcome, to our new class of 2016! Welcome back, class of 2015! Welcome back, class of 2014! Welcome back to the senior class of 2013! And a special shout-out to our Mount Holyoke College student-athletes—Go Lyons!