Czitrom Elected to Historian Society

Professor of History Daniel Czitrom has been elected as a member of the Society of American Historians. He will be inducted into the society at a dinner on May 14 at the Century Club in New York City.

“This huge honor confirms what we at Mount Holyoke have known about Danny for a very long time—that he's a world-class historian with hard-earned expertise in many fields, including the history of popular media, American music, and the underside of his beloved New York City,” said Acting Dean of Faculty Christopher Benfey.

"I was very surprised to learn of my election, and also deeply gratified by the Society's recognition,” said Czitrom. “I'm an old fan of the Marx Brothers, but for now I have to say that Groucho's famous aphorism does not apply: I am happy to be a member of this club."

Founded in 1939 and based at Columbia University, the society promotes literary distinction in historical writing. Its members include academic historians and professional writers of American history. Membership, which is by invitation only and is limited to 250 authors and 14 publishers, is based on a demonstrated commitment to the concept of literary distinction in the writing and publishing of history and biography.