Day of Listening Dec. 1

Posted: October 23, 2006

The Dean of Students Division is pleased to announce the second year of the Day of Listening: Community Dialogue Project. As part of an ongoing endeavor to promote community dialogue at Mount Holyoke, there will be two sessions this semester that will focus on different aspects of MHC's engagement with diversity and inclusiveness. The dialogues are designed to get people talking and listening to each other in new ways about issues of personal and community importance. Dialogue I: "Elements of Community: What Binds Us Together? What Separates Us?" will be held Wednesday, November 1, from 4:20 to 5:30 pm. Dialogue II: "Bubble or Trouble: Discussing MHC's Engagement in the World" will be held Friday, December 1, from 12:20 to 1:30 pm. Both facilitated dialogues will take place at four locations on campus: Mead TV lounge, North Rocky living room, Prospect living room, and Torrey living room. All MHC students, staff, and faculty are welcome to join any of the conversations.

Students, staff, and faculty that participated in last year's "Day of Listening," when 19 small-group, facilitated conversations were held simultaneously in residence halls, have said that the program was enjoyable because they felt connected to the other participants. One student said that what she liked best was "the fact that for an hour, people forgot about assignments, jobs, etc., and just talked and listened."

Liz Braun, dean of students, wrote in an article for the Springfield Republican on August 7, 2006, that "when I ask students why they decided to come to Mount Holyoke College they frequently cite the College's diverse community as a powerful draw. It is true that our students are diverse across many dimensions: geography, race, socioeconomics, religion, politics, sexuality, and more. But what does it really mean to be a diverse community? How do you create an institutional climate where each student can be successful and find their own niche?" The Day of Listening: Community Dialogue Project now asks these questions of the Mount Holyoke community.

The Day of Listening: Community Dialogue Project is sponsored by the SGA and the Dean of Students Division (Dean of Students, Residential Life, and Student Programs).

For more information on the dialogues, please email Kris Bergbom, Liz Braun, John Laprade , or Margaret Lichter.

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