Design Frenzy Generates New Video Games

Curious to see what students came up with at Mount Holyoke’s second GameJam?

Video games designed by students during the 24-hour session are now online for viewing and playing.

More than 30 students from the Five Colleges participated in GameJam, held Friday and Saturday, January 25–26. The event, organized by MHC’s Computer Science Club, was part of Global Game Jam, a weekend of similar events held in 60 countries.

The event kicked off on Friday evening, with a keynote talk webcast by Global Game Jam’s organizers. Then students formed teams, brainstormed ideas, and got to work designing and coding their games, helped by programmers and the CEO from Hitpoint Studios, a Hatfield-based game company.

The intense environment and focus on collaboration generated seven games, which all shared a common theme of heartbeat, which was supplied by the global organizers. One team built a game in which the player must live a healthy lifestyle to avoid cardiac arrest; other games require players to repair broken hearts, match soul mates, and rescue family members.

“This year’s GameJam exceeded our expectations at all levels, especially the number of students who took part,” said Ressi Miranda ’15, one of the organizers. “Students from various backgrounds teamed up and experienced the rewarding process of making a game together. Seven new games were made and many friendships emerged.”