“Everyday People: The Color of Life”

“Everyday People: The Color of Life,” is a new collection of contemporary short fiction by established and emerging writers of color. The stories represent an array of styles, themes and perspectives and topics include family struggles, political conflict and personal turmoil.

Three of the writers featured in the book, Jennifer Baker, Alexander Chee and Nelly Rosario, will speak at Mount Holyoke College on Tuesday, October 16, at 7 p.m. in the New York Room in Mary Woolley Hall. The event is co-sponsored by the Weissman Center for Leadership with the Odyssey Bookshop, which will have copies of the book available for purchase.

Of the speakers, Jennifer Baker is a publishing professional, the creator and host of the Minorities in Publishing podcast, and a contributing editor to Electric Literature. Alexander Chee is the author of the novels “Edinburgh,” “The Queen of the Night” and the forthcoming essay collection “How To Write An Autobiographical Novel.” He is a contributing editor at The New Republic and an editor at large at VQR. Nelly Rosario was named a Writer on the Verge by the Village Voice Literary Supplement in 2001. Her book, “Song of the Water Saints,” won the 2002 PEN Open Book Award.

Other contributors to the collection include Mia Alvar, Carleigh Baker, Nana Brew-Hammond, Glendaliz Camacho, Mitchell S. Jackson, Yiyun Li, Allison Mills, Courttia Newland, Dennis Norris II, Jason Reynolds, Hasanthika Sirisena and Brandon Taylor.

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