MHC professor’s book Trace reviewed.

Book cover detail

Reflecting the complexity of the fractured geology on which this nation stands, Mount Holyoke College Professor of Environmental Studies Lauret Savoy’s newest book, Trace, is not to be read quickly, according to a recent review in the Boston Globe.

The essays that comprise the book follow Savoy’s journeys across this country, and reveal truths about our history that are hidden in the landscapes and written in the earth.  

“Savoy demonstrates the power of narrative to erase as easily as it reveals, yielding a provocative, eclectic exposé of the palimpsest historically defining the US as much as any natural or man-made boundary,” according to the Kirkus starred review. The Kirkus Star is awarded to books of exceptional merit.

New York Magazine listed the book in its Approval Matrix, and Vulture lists it among the “Seven Books You Need to Read this November.”

See an in-depth online review from Vela here.