Hernández: immigrant life set to worsen

David Hernández

The plight of nonwhite immigrants in the United States is set to worsen under President-elect Donald Trump, said David Hernández, an assistant professor in the Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American studies department at Mount Holyoke College.

Hernández, an expert in immigration policy, spoke on the Bill Newman Show on WHMP-AM. He noted that over the past 140 years, immigrants of color in the US have been arrested, detained, and deported at much higher rates than white immigrants.

Currently, immigrant deportation is at the highest it has ever been. But new laws proposed by the president-elect could make those numbers skyrocket, Hernández said, and hurt familial and community ties within immigrant communities. Trump has said he would rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration policy, which was instituted under President Barack Obama.