"Huffington Post" highlights MHC STEM camps.

Shani Mensing '15 and Safae Alaoui Lahgazi '17, iDesign teaching assistants, soldering Neopixel LED strips.

By Keely Savoie

Summer camps focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math are an opportunity for girls and women to learn subjects that may be unfamiliar to them—or to build skills when they already have some experience, wrote women’s college advocate Diane Propsner in a an article in the Huffington Post.

Two summer camps at Mount Holyoke College offer students the chance to explore very different fields.

iDesign Studio exposes students with little or no experience to coding and engineering. Students learn to design and construct their own projects, culminating with demonstrations of the new devices they imagined.

Another program, Restoration Ecology, takes high school girls into the woods to engage in fieldwork and put their classroom knowledge into action at Mount Holyoke’s on-campus field station.

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