Inspiration on the go

Regina Ye ’18 crowdfunded $20,000 and is moving into production of her first ZIRUI travel bags.

By Robin Ferri

Mount Holyoke College’s Regina Ye '18 was recently featured in a Forbes article about her new product, ZIRUI, a travel pack for beauty products.

The article recounted the story of how Ye, a computer science major, was inspired to create a portable container for beauty products when, “on her way home from a technology conference, Regina Ye’s makeup spilled all over her suitcase” and — true to her Mount Holyoke education — she “decided to create a solution.”

A Mount Holyoke class in entrepreneurship gave Ye time to do market research and work on the product’s design, which she created using the College’s Makerspace, the story explained.

Ye also described how she executes her business, including what she looks for in a potential hire: “The three factors I look at: first is loyalty and integrity, and another is work ethic or energy in execution, and then the third one is intelligence.”

The senior has also been featured in the Huffington Post.

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