J-Term Series: Life After MHC

Posted: December 19, 2006

Passport to Reality, a series of workshops designed to help MHC students prepare for the realities of life after college, will be offered again this year over January Term. Georgiana Chevry, assistant director of internships at the Career Development Center, is organizing this year's program. "This year we have a great lineup of program offerings, several of which are back by popular demand and several new ones. I am very excited that many of the workshops in this series are open to all MHC students this year, and I hope participants enjoy themselves."

The series includes more nuts-and-bolts financial guidance than in past years, with workshops on Budgeting, Benefits, and Understanding Your Salary; College Student Credit Card Survival; and Personal Finance Fundamentals: Managing Student Loans and Beyond. Other new features include Independent Living Skills for Young Professionals with Disabilities, and You're Fired: Managing Your First Full-time Supervisor Relationship.

Woman's Guide to Car CareA Woman's Guide to Car Care, an invaluable introduction to what happens under the hood of your car--and basic know-how such as how to jump-start a dead battery--will be offered again this year. Other favorites returning this year are A Touch of Class, a session on dining etiquette, and Cooking Like Chef Jeff, a basic primer to preparing tasty and healthy meals.

Students are invited to collect raffle tickets from each workshop they attend and enter to win valuable gifts for life after college. Registration is required for all Passport to Reality workshops. Register at the Career Development Center Reception Desk or by calling x2080.

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