What Will You Do?

“What will you do?”

It’s a simple question, really. Perhaps even deceptively so.

But much can be revealed in contemplating it. A passion you haven’t yet realized existed within you, maybe. Or a sense of purpose you’ve only just recognized.  

When Mount Holyoke launched its never fear / change campaign last summer, the College did so with the understanding that the message — its spirit, its ethos — was intended for everyone in our community.

It was articulated at first through our wonderful students and alumnae, who boldly and fiercely challenge the status quo, test their limits, and strive to find solutions to difficult problems both large and small.

Now we want to extend it to everyone in the Mount Holyoke community.

The offices of Admission and Communication would like to invite you to participate in the #mhcwhatwillyoudo social media campaign, which is designed to spotlight our extraordinary community of changemakers.

The exercise is simple. First, think about yourself, your passions, and your goals. Think big, and think broadly. How do you imagine those shaping your future? How will they guide the decisions you make? How will they support you in achieving what you want?

With that in mind, what will you resolve to do — in the next year, five years, or ten years — to improve yourself or make the world a better place?

The next step is to share that plan with us. On Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. By using the hashtag #mhcwhatwillyoudo, we'll be able to identify your contribution and join it with others.

We’re looking forward to seeing your post!