LEAP Jumps in Size and Scope

With more than 100 presentations taking place over the course of one afternoon, there was plenty to learn at the 2010 LEAP (Learning from Application) Symposium. The October 15 event, which took place in Kendade Science Center, featured students talking about their summer internship and research experiences. A total of 105 students participated--nearly double the number at last year’s event.

Katy Krueger '11 worked with bacteria and cell lines in the biochemistry lab

“The LEAP Symposium is a powerful vehicle within the Mount Holyoke community that fosters the exchange of ideas on cutting-edge projects and demonstrates the variety of ways that students are embedding their summer experiences into their curricular and career pathways,” said Megan Pierson, the assistant director of internships and experiential learning at the Career Development Center.

“LEAP is an inspirational event and it represents the magnitude of diverse projects and initiatives of Mount Holyoke women,” Pierson continued. “From cancer research at Dartmouth, to alternative energy solutions in Brazil, to education policy on Capitol Hill, student internship and research projects spanned academic disciplines, topics, and locations across the globe.”

Rebecca E. Engell '11 stitched positive visions in Zimbabwe

This year, some of the presenters at LEAP were taking the new course Tying It All Together: Curriculum to Career, which serves as the capstone to students’ summer internship and research experiences. The class not only allows students to consider the career possibilities that are available to them, but its connection with LEAP helps students gain valuable presentation skills and challenges them to consider their educational experiences in ways beyond the classroom.

“It was so great to see that Mount Holyoke is preparing me to be comfortable with my own intelligence," said Nora Marlow Smith ’12, who discussed her design internship with New Theater House.

View the videos embedded in this article to learn about some other students’ experiences and LEAP presentations.

Schuyler Marquez '11 got a graduate experience in anthropological fieldwork

Caterina "Fran" Bozzelli '11 learned how to build a painting from the ground up

Margaret Linley Beckner '11 worked toward all rights for all

The LEAP Symposium was sponsored by MHC's Nexus Program, the Academic Deans Office, the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives, the Career Development Center, and the Department of Biological Sciences.