Lynn Pasquerella’s The Academic Minute Receives $100K Grant


Newman’s Own Foundation has awarded WAMC Northeast Public Radio a $100,000 grant for its popular new segment, The Academic Minute, hosted by Mount Holyoke President Lynn Pasquerella.

Featuring professors from top institutions across the country, The Academic Minute allows leading experts to explain their research and discoveries in a variety of fields to an engaged listening audience. Pasquerella opens each segment by introducing that day’s professor.

"The Academic Minute promotes participatory democracy and civic engagement by making cutting-edge academic issues accessible to everyone through public radio," Pasquerella says. "We are proud to have received a grant from Newman's Own Foundation in support of these values."

Since its launch on July 6, the segment has featured scholars from a diverse spectrum of colleges and universities, including: Columbia, Williams, UConn, Skidmore, Duke, RPI, Western New England College, Lock Haven, Monmouth, Hamilton, Middlebury, St. Michael's, Hartwick, Hampshire, Vassar, Western Connecticut, Amherst, Springfield, and the University at Albany. Mount Holyoke faculty members Christopher Benfey and Becky Wai-Ling Packard have also been highlighted; Benfey explored the work of Emily Dickinson, while Packard discussed the importance of mentoring students.

WAMC President and CEO Alan Chartock, who is also professor emeritus at the University of Albany, says the station is incredibly flattered by this major grant from Newman’s Own. He adds, "We are looking forward to taking The Academic Minute to the next level, which means attracting the highest caliber guests and reaching a national audience."

The Academic Minute airs each weekday at 7:37 am and 3:56 pm on WAMC 90.3 Albany. Segments are then archived on the station’s Web site (link will be included), along with additional information about professors' research, background, and publications.