Maisie Knows Best

Questioning Authority asked Maisie Creighton, MHC’s First Dog, about the life of a presidential pooch, now that Bo has arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Maisie, MHC President Joanne V. Creighton’s pet, offers words of wisdom to the Obama’s new dog.

QA: Being the Presidential Pooch is a big job. Is it ever tiring to be so constantly in the public eye?

M: Ya, it is really tough--always on display, never any chance to let my fur down. And, all those fawning students who keep gushing: "Isn't she cute! Can I pet her?" The answer, once and for all, is "No!" (And, I'm not "cute." I'm beautiful.) It doesn't matter that I embarrass the president. The First Dog's got to have a little space and a little dignity, for goodness sake!

QA: Are there special perks that come with the job?

M: Well, those students do drop a lot of food, I'll say that for them: it's a dog's delight. And then there's the roadkill, that's even better.

QA: Do you have a favorite walking route on campus?

M: My nose knows the way. Go where you want to go; do what you want to do, that's what I always say. And, I've marked the entire campus: it's MINE ( and don't you forget it)!

QA: Word has it that the Obama’s new pup, Bo, will have an official White House dog walker. What do you think of that?

M: Boy, some dogs have all the luck. I'm stuck with these two old fogies who haven't a clue about what is a walk and what is a drag. With a little time, I could teach a walker a trick or two and have her eating out of my paw, so to speak.

QA: Do you have any advice for Bo?

M: Ya, don't let them drag you around by the neck. Be your own dog. Know the power of nonviolent resistance: just put your rear end down and refuse to move until you get your way. Works every time!

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