Meet Future Entrepreneur Vennie Encheva '10

Posted: March 3, 2009

Vennie Encheva '10, an international student from Bulgaria, had the chance to explore the world and the competitive field of business while interning this past summer in both Boston and Bangalore.

Encheva first experienced the business world in Razgrad, Bulgaria, when she took time off after graduating from high school. She worked as a European integration specialist and secretary for the deputy mayor in Razgrad, which gave her an inside look at the challenges that entrepreneurs and the business community face. However, it wasn’t until this past summer that she "rediscovered my entrepreneurial drive and passion for business strategy development."

She spent the first six weeks of the summer at Cambridge NanoTech, researching the competitive landscape in the Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) market. Encheva attended the Nanotechnology, Science, and Technology Institute Conference and reported her findings to company CEO Jill Becker, Ph.D., who served as a great role model to Encheva as "a woman scientist, an exceptional leader, and manager of a start-up business."

Encheva then spent eight weeks at Infosys Technologies’ Banking and Capital Markets vertical unit in Bangalore, India.

"My work at Infosys revealed further research opportunities through which I will be better able to understand the interaction between economics and technology. I am going to pursue that in an independent project with economics professor Satya Gabriel," Encheva said.

Encheva realized through her experiences that she wants to further explore the technology industry and its possibilities. Mentors at both Nanotech and Infosys have encouraged her to start a business of her own, and she currently plans to establish a start-up company in the science and technology field and work with online media. Her internship experience proved well-suited to her interests, but Encheva--who serves on the Student Advisory Board for MHC's Career development Center (CDC)--knows it can be difficult to find such a good fit.

"I encourage all students to reach out to CDC counselors," she said. "Utilize them and take their help in (defining your) personal and career goals."

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