MHC Awards Day February 9

Posted: February 3, 2009

Updated: February 10, 2009 - Story, Photos, and Citations

Mount Holyoke College Awards Day will take place Monday, February 9, in Blanchard Campus Center's Great Room at 4 pm. The event recognizes leadership by students and recent graduates, as demonstrated through academic excellence, community service, and outstanding accomplishment. All Mount Holyoke community members are welcome.


Phi Beta Kappa
The following students have been elected into membership of Phi Beta Kappa by the Theta Chapter of Massachusetts, based on at least five semesters of study at Mount Holyoke College.

Danti Chen `09
Zoe H. Gibbons `09
Kathryn J. Greenberg `09
Emily M. Harcourt `09
Yunnan Jiang `09
Maria E. Marcantonio `09
Sanam Nader-Esfahani '09
Genevieve L. Noyce `09
Marcia C. Schenck '09
Yana C. Stainova `09
Tamar E.Wilson `09

Recognition of Student Leaders

These are students whose leadership and service have enriched the life of the College and the wider community.

Maressa L. Bell-Deane `09
Molly K. Buermann `09
Leah J. Dion `10
Anne-Laure Malauzat `09
Madeleine E. Patenaude `09
Sarah L. Pritchard `10
Meejin R. Richart `09
Marcia C. Schenck `09
Jigyasa Sharma `10
Aleefia Somji `09

The Weissman Center Leadership Award for Excellence

This award recognizes the commitment to the ideals and goals of the Weissman Center as demonstrated through passionate and critical engagement in one or more of its programs.

Kathryn E. Jones '10 (on leave with her student colleague Alex Akerly '10 accepting on her behalf)
Nina Nedrebo '10
Senia Bachir-Abderahman '10

McCulloch Center Global Engagement Award
This award is given for outstanding commitment to raising awareness of critical global issues across campus and beyond.

Aleefia Somji '09
Senia Bachir-Abderahman '10

The Kelly Sottile Community Service Award

This award honors students who demonstrate a high level of personal commitment to the community beyond the campus. A contribution is made, by the Kelly Sottile '08 Fund, to the charity of their choice. They will also receive an award from the Campus Bookstore.

Senia Bachir-Abderahman ‘10
Moriah H. Silver ‘09

The Maurice L. Rabbino Award
This award was established in 1978 by Irma L. Rabbino '53 to honor her father by recognizing a student who has made an especially significant contribution to the life of Mount Holyoke College.

Nicole N. Hylton FP ‘09

The Helen Warren Smith Award

Established in 1979 by Helen Warren Smith '08, this award honors a student whose interest, involvement, and service to the Mount Holyoke College community have been outstanding.

Lena T. Harwood ‘09

The Frances H. Williams Award

In the spring of 1981, the family of Frances H. Williams '19 established an award in her honor to be presented annually to a minority member of our student body who best exemplifies the ideals to which her own life has been dedicated--the capacity to create a dream and the passion to pursue it; the ability to soar with that goal whether it be academic excellence, social justice, or service to others.

Natasha C. Gutierrez ‘09

The Karen Snyder Sullivan Memorial Travel Award

This award provides assistance for a student who has not previously traveled abroad to plan a trip that satisfies her curiosity and heightens her awareness of other cultures. The award was established in 1986 in memory of Karen Snyder Sullivan '68 by her husband Craig.

Barbara H. McAlister ‘11

The Mary Lyon Award

The Mary Lyon Award is given to a young alumna who has been out of College fifteen years or less, who demonstrates promise or sustained achievement in her life, profession, or community consistent with the humane values that Mary Lyon exemplified in her life and inspired in others.

Sally Anne McFarlane ‘97
Ingrid Ukstins Peate ‘94
Lisa M. Utzinger ‘02

Sarah Williston Prize Winners

Daphni Pezati, first (on leave)
Hannah R. Shakartzi, first (on leave)
Elizabeth S. Counterman, first (on leave)
Mignon D. Johnston, first
Xiao Han, second
Jiajie Tang, second
Amanda N. McGrosky, second (on leave)
Hannah C. Duff, second

Ewura-Esi Amoo-Gottfried
Kelsey Andersen (on leave)
Diana G. Bilbao
Zhanina L. Boyadzhieva
Kaitlin W. Brooke
Erica M Buchinski (on leave)
Zoe I. Burris
Grace M. Campbell
Teresa H. Campbell
Elizabeth S. Counterman (on leave)
Anne Laure J. Dassier
Deepti Dhir (on leave)
Caitlin E. Dickinson (on leave)
Tenzin Dolkar (on leave)
Ryan H. Dorsey (on leave)
Hannah C. Duff
Jennifer L. Elliott (on leave)
Aviva Hannah M. Elzufon (on leave)
Ventseslava E. Encheva
Shahla Farzan (on leave)
Vera R. Foley
Magdalena V. Georgieva
Rashmi M. Gunartne
Xiao Han
Caroline A. Hickok
Sarah C. Hopson
Shelly T. Hsiao (on leave)
Reed I. Hudson (on leave)
Maisha M. Islam
Respina Jani
Yanwen W. Ji (on leave)
Jingyi Jiang (on leave)
Mignon D. Johnston
Dana L. Jutras
Mari J. Koll
Anastasia Kniazeva (on leave)
Allyse N. Knox
Rachel E. Kory
Michele L. Kuhnle
Catherine S. LaRoque (on leave)
Jasmine Le
Ahri Lee
Xiaowei Li
Sarah Lince (on leave)
Shoshana J. Lucich
Margot R. Marcou (on leave)
Sara A. Martin
Amanda N. McGrosky (on leave)
Samantha J. McKechnie
Sarah R. Merhar
Elizabeth A. Merwin
Bing Miu
Tinashe Moyana
Tho P. Ngo
Hien P. Nguyen (on leave)
Jayne E. Olm-Shipman (on leave)
Lenna X. Peterson
Daphni Pezati (on leave)
Melany A. Piech (on leave)
Rena S. Rosenzveig
Amy L. Ruan
Laurel K. Schuirmann
Hannah R. Shakartzi (on leave)
Unika Shrestha
Jennifer A. Soltis
Jennifer N. Stewart
Amanda M. Strickland
Phuong T. Ta
Doris P. Tabassum
Tasnia Tahsin
Jiajie Tang
Long N. Truong
Bethany C. Uscilka (on leave)
Cerena M. Uttal (on leave)
Tenaya K. Vallery (on leave)
Rebecca A. Wener
Cassandra L. White (on leave)
Yaru Wu
Han Zhang
Tesha M. Zimmerman (on leave)