MHC Dancers Perform at Kennedy Center

Celine Barreau ’16 (left) and Margaret Wiss ’16 performed at the prestigious American College Dance Festival. Photo by Jim Coleman

Sophomores Celine Barreau and Margaret Wiss danced at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., on June 6 as part of the prestigious American College Dance Festival (ACDFA) National Festival.

Barreau and Wiss appeared in a new ballet, Before/After, by choreographer Jennifer Hart, whose creations have been described as “not only inventive but heart-rending.”  In addition to the MHC dancers, Before/After also features six others from the Five College Dance Department.

Before/After was performed for the University Dancers Concert this past fall, and the work was one of only two chosen from more than 40 works presented at this year’s ACDFA New England Conference.

Barreau is a dance minor and Wiss designed a special major in dance kinesiology. “Both students are developing artists who enjoy being stretched beyond their known movement vocabulary,” says Rose Marie Flachs, chair of the MHC dance department. “They are critical thinkers in rehearsal and delve into their work, exploring and embracing choreographic challenges.”