MHC to Donate Dock to Holyoke Rows

Posted: April 30, 2008

When the Friends of Rowing raised $14,000 to purchase a new dock for the MHC crew team, head coach Jeanne Friedman knew precisely what to do with the old one: It will be donated to Holyoke Rows, a nonprofit organization based at the city's Jones Ferry River Access Center.

"Anytime we have equipment we no longer need, I go to Stephanie Moore," the founder and leader of Holyoke Rows, said Friedman, a senior lecturer in physical education and athletics. "This is a great group that helps bring rowing to everyone in Holyoke."

Moore, who's coached at MHC on occasion, met Friedman nearly 20 years ago when Moore was the crew coach at Trinity College. The colleagues have always helped each other's teams, according to Friedman. Moore said this gift will save Holyoke Rows about $10,000.

"We simply wouldn't have a new dock; we can't afford it," she said. "We have a couple of regattas this year, so it's huge that we're getting another dock."

Friedman believes parts of the old wooden MHC dock may be more than 30 years old; it's been repaired, and parts of it have been replaced several times since it was first built in 1976. The new dock is constructed from plastic and incorporates recent technology, but the older version is still serviceable, she said.

"It makes sense since Holyoke's on the river that the city should have rowing," Friedman noted. "This sport is thought of as a white, elitist, male bastion--and it shouldn't be that way."

The dock will be transported to its new location by the Holyoke DPW in early May, said Moore.

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