MHC hailed for inclusive community

Mount Holyoke seniors carry a laurel chain in an annual parade.

A recent Vanity Fair article extolling the advantages of women’s colleges took note of Mount Holyoke College’s diverse student body, supportive faculty and students, and its hallowed tradition of milk and cookies (M&Cs).

At a time when single-sex institutions are increasingly rare in the predominantly coed college landscape, admissions have hit historic highs, begging the question: What drives students to women’s institutions and what keeps them there?

“The richness and intimacy of these students’ experiences are enviable and inspiring,” wrote author Lisa Birnbach. “I have not heard so many students talk about appreciating their educations. These young people are studying bespoke curricula—with professors and deans collaborating to make their goals more attainable.... Academically, these schools are as rigorous as the top coed colleges, if not more so.”

The story noted Mount Holyoke’s participation in  the Five College Consortium, which allows students to take classes at all of the partner institutions, as well as its progressive transgender admission policy and its long list of distinguished alumnae.

Mount Holyoke President Lynn Pasquerella ’80 added that the College continues to sustain Mary Lyon’s vision to “disrupt the hegemonic forces,” noting the College’s commitment to “advocate for those whose identities are unconventional.”

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