MHC Innovation Fund Grant Winners Announced

Posted: May 1, 2006

President Joanne V. Creighton recently announced the recipients of awards from the Innovation Fund, which supports projects that stimulate thinking about the academic, cocurricular, and administrative goals of the Plan for Mount Holyoke 2010. This fund was initially made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and is now funded by the Office of the President.

The Academic Priorities Committee (APC) is responsible for soliciting Innovation Fund proposals, selecting recipients, and then distributing the available dollars. This year $25,000 was available to distribute among proposals totaling nearly $42,000. Announcing the recipients, Creighton thanked the APC for their work and said, "As ever, I'm impressed with spirit of innovation that is apparent in these proposals and the broadly shared commitment to fulfilling the goals of the Plan for 2010."

Innovation Fund grant recipients for 2006-2007:


  • Nancy Apple and Lauret Savoy, Student Presentation of MHC Environmental Initiatives at the Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium Conference at Yale University
  • Robin Blaetz, Defining the Place of New Media in Film Studies
  • Simone Weil Davis, Prison Literature and Creative Writing Course
  • Marianne Doezema, Lauret Savoy, and Bob Schwartz, Environmental Citizenship and Literacy at Mount Holyoke: A Faculty/Staff Seminar
  • Darren Hamilton, Recasting the Organic Chemistry Laboratory Curriculum
  • Mark Peterson, Physics Department Curricular Retreat
  • Ying Wang, Curriculum Development for the MHC-Beijing Language and Cultural University Beijing Summer Chinese Program

In addition, the APC has set aside funds to support a proposal that it hopes will emerge from consultations among three Innovation Fund applicants who have similar goals and potentially related projects. Those three proposals came from Harold Garrett-Goodyear, Giovanna DiChiro, and C.A.U.S.E. (Thelma Belmonte-Alcántara, Anita Magovern, Mollie McDermott, Alexis Suib, and Tina Cardone).

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