MHC Named a 2013 Best Value College

The Princeton Review has once again named Mount Holyoke among the nation's "Best Value" private colleges and universities. The educational services company teamed with USA Today to present the 150 schools that make up the Princeton Review Best Value Colleges list for 2013.

The 75 private and 75 public schools listed in the just-published 2013 edition of Best Value Colleges were chosen based on criteria covering academics, cost of attendance, and financial aid. On a scale of 1-100, the Princeton Review scored Mount Holyoke as a 98 for academics, 97 for interesting professors, 96 for financial aid, 95 for admissions, and 93 for quality of life.

“Mount Holyoke College makes an extraordinarily successful effort to support an economically diverse student population,” the editors at the Princeton Review wrote, in addition to citing other attributes of the College.

In comments based on student feedback, they wrote, “Though Mount Holyoke has many strengths, including a beautiful campus and top-notch academics, the one the students appreciate the most is the close-knit community and the strong sense of sisterhood that women develop here. The social atmosphere is warm and accepting, and the students are diverse, strong, passionate, friendly, and fun. This strong support system is important to Mount Holyoke students, who come here to receive a first-class education in a highly academic environment, which is both challenging and supportive at the same time.”

Among other things, the editors praised the College for its Nexus: Curriculum to Career program that “enables students to link their liberal arts education with their career goals through internships, research projects, and summer employment.”

"Undergraduate research is remarkably commonplace, and the College offers over one-half million dollars every summer for students to conduct unpaid internship and research projects," they added.

The Princeton Review designated schools as "Best Values" based on institutional and student surveys the company conducted at 650 colleges and universities in 2011–2012. The education services company profiles Mount Holyoke in its book, The Best Value Colleges: 2013 Edition (Random House/Princeton Review, published February 5, 2013), and on a special area on its website