MHC professor calls for a pardon for Snowden

Christopher Pyle

When Edward Snowden leaked classified National Security Agency documents to the press, he was accused of treason and indicted for espionage. His passport was revoked and he was exiled to Russia. 

In a recent op-ed in USA Today, Class of 1962 Professor of Politics Christopher Pyle of Mount Holyoke College argued that Snowden was not only patriotic for revealing that the federal government had secretly violated the constitutional and statutory rights of millions of Americans but that he deserves a pardon as well.

“Snowden did not dump raw documents on the internet,” Pyle wrote. “He gave them to responsible journalists and trusted them to decide which were newsworthy, after checking with the government to make sure that sensitive sources or methods would not be compromised.” 

Furthermore, Pyle said, Snowden’s actions led to Congressional reforms and instruction from the European Parliament for member nations not to extradite the exile to the United States.

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